Frequently asked questions

Who created this site?

The originator of this site was Jennifer Carro. On 25 May 2001, Joseph Carro (Jennifer's father) assumed the responsibility for this site.


Who may view this site?

Any person may view this site, as there are no restrictions.


Are portions of this site copiable?

Most of the text and pictures may be copied, but some items have a copyright.


Is it possible to add items to this site?

No. All additions must be done by the webmaster.


How can pictures be added?

Pictures can be added by sending them to the webmaster. The preferred format is *.jpg, but most formats can be managed.


What about adding text?

Send any items you want published to the webmaster. You may send a message by electronic mail (there is a link on the home page) or by postal mail.


What about the possibility of adding a new page?

All ideas for new pages will be considered, and, if judged suitable, will be added to this site.


What should I do if an error is found?

Upon finding an error, notify the webmaster.


Can I add a link to another site?

No. All modifications must be made by the webmaster. If there is a link you want added, please notify the webmaster.


Are there any limitations to the information which might be sent?

The only limitation is that all information should pertain to the Carro family.