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While in the United States Navy, Louis O. Carro served aboard the USS Chilton click here and the USS Dade click here

A new page with photographs taken by Louis O. Carro during the Second World War has been added. To view that page click here.

These are pictures and information about three towns in Sicily that are significant to our family. More information about Sicily can be obtained by looking at the website www.sicilia.indettaglio.it

The town of Cammarata is located inland in Sicily, and is the birthplace of the Cammarata family, of which Martino Camarata was a part. His father moved to Valguarnera, which is about 70 miles from Cammarata. The name Cammarata was derived from the greek word kāmara which means a vaulted room; in modern Italian, cāmera means a bedroom. The town has ruins of the Byzantine occupation, which lasted from 550-850AD. Its current population is about 6500 people. In this picture, Cammarata is to the left, and the adjoining town is San Giovanni. Because the two towns are similar in size and shape they are called i gemelli, the twins.

    Photograph_of_Cammarata.JPG (1720206 bytes)

This picture shows the main road leading into Cammarata. The green building is visible in the upper photograph.  To see the larger picture, click on the small picture with the border.

02 Motta d'Affermo.jpg (19161 bytes) Our paternal grandfather, Joseph Carro, was born in the small town of Motta d'Affermo, which is located on the north coast of Sicily. His parents were Giuseppe Carro and Marianna Cuva. He was born in 1891. The last name of Carro is the most common last name in the town. The word Motta is of Phonecian origin, and meant fortress, the remnant of which can be seen at the top of the hill in the picture. The original name of the town was Motta di Sparto. In the fifteenth century, the land was purchased by Muzio d'Affermo, and he renamed the town to Motta d'Affermo. The town currently has about 1,100 inhabitants.

This photograph was taken from the old fortress towards the town.

03 Valguarnera.jpg (105431 bytes) The third picture is of Valguarnera, where our maternal grandparents, Martino and Antonina Camarata, and three of their children, Maria, Caterina, and Giuseppe were born. Their other five children Gaetano, Frank, Peter, Ida, and Eugene were born in Rochester, New York. Valguarnera is located in the center of Sicily, and has about 9,000 inhabitants. Its full name is Valguarnera Caropepe.

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