Important Places               


These locations are important places to our family. You may view the website by clicking on the address.

When the GOOGLE page opens, place the pointer on the location indicator (a symbol with a black A), and click once with the left mouse button. Then, select the STREET VIEW option which will appear under the picture of the location. Once the map opens, you can navigate by pressing and holding the left mouse button, and then move the pointer.

To view the house of Martino and Antonina Camarata, at 128 Rohr Street, Rochester New York, click here

This duplex was the residence of Martino and Antonina Camarata; their son, Eugene, and their daughter Ida; they lived upstairs. Their son, Anthony, his wife Mary, and their daughters Phyllis Ann, and Ann Marie lived downstairs.

Louis and Ida met when they were attending East High School (1799 East Main Street). To view that school, click here

After they married, Louis and Ida moved to an upstairs apartment at 3 Niagara Street. To view the apartment house, click here

Joseph was born at the Strong Memorial Hospital (589 Elmwood Avenue). To view that hospital (in the picture, the building at the right), click here

Jessica and Louis were born at the Rochester General Hospital (1408 Portland Avenue). To view that hospital, click here

Cheryl Ann was born at Highland Hospital (1000 South Avenue), now a part of the campus of the University of Rochester.

They attended church at Saint Francis Xavier Church (290 Bay Street). Joseph went to the grammar school from grades 1, 2, 3, 4, and part of 5. Jessica from grades 1, 2 and part of 3. To see the church and school, click here

Louis and Ida moved to 26 Oakman Street, which no longer exists. They attended Saint Michael Church (869 North Clinton Avenue). Joseph completed grade 5, and part of 6 there; Jessica completed grade 3, and part of grade 4. Louis completed grade 1, and part of grade 2. To view the church, click here

Louis and Ida bought the house at 53 Greenlane Drive. To view that house, click here

They attended Saint Ambrose Church, and Joseph, Jessica, and Louis attended the grammar school. All of the original buildings were replaced. In 1955, Joseph started his first year in high school at the Thomas Aquinas Institute (1192 Dewey Avenue). To view that school, click here

In March, 1956, Louis and Ida moved to Los Angeles, California, and bought the house at 1175 Glen Arbor Avenue. The house still exists, but it is not visible from the road. The Carro family attended church at Saint Dominic (2034 Merton Avenue), where Jessica, Louis, and Cheryl Ann completed grammar school. To view the church and school, click here

In 1958, Louis and Ida bought the house at 4844 Avoca Street. That house still exists, but it is currently in poor condition. To view the house, click here

Joseph, Jessica, and Cheryl Ann attended Eagle Rock High School. The original building was replaced. Louis attended Loyola High School (1886 Venice Boulevard). To view that school, click here

Joseph graduated from Loyola University of Los Angeles (7900 Loyola Boulevard). To view the aerial map of that school, click here

Louis graduated from the California State University at Los Angeles (4792 Paseo Rancho Castilla). To view that school, click here

Cheryl Ann attended East Los Angeles College (1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez). To view that school, click here

Joseph completed a Master's in Business Administration program at Pepperdine University of Los Angeles. The campus was located on Vermont Street, but all of the facilities were moved to the campus in Malibu, California. The Vermont Street campus was sold, and it was extensively modified. Joseph was accepted into the Doctorate program at the University of Notre Dame. Only an aerial view of that campus is available.