The USS Dade was named after counties in Florida, Georgia, and Missouri, and it was launched 14 January 1944 bearing the designation PA 99.

It was placed in full commission on 11 November 1944, with Commander M. P. Du Val in command. Departing Norfolk 15 December 1944 Dade arrived at San Francisco 30 December to embark passengers and cargo. On 7 January 1945 she sailed for Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides, and Tulagi, Solomon Islands where she off-loaded her passengers and cargo and trained for the forthcoming assault on Okinawa.

After final staging at Ulithi, Dade participated in the invasion landings at Okinawa 1 April, landing Marines and combat cargo on Blue Beach and embarking casualties under frequent air attack. Sailing to Pearl Harbor, she arrived 23 April to embark Navy and Marine passengers, casualties, and medical evacuees for San Francisco.

After an overhaul, she departed San Francisco on 22 June 1945 via Pearl Harbor, to San Pedro Bay, Phillipine Islands, with construction battalion men and cargo, arriving 27 July. She served as receiving ship at Eniwetok from 13 to 19 August.

With the end of the war, Dade returned to the Philippines, embarking troops at Manila for the occupation of Japan and landing them at Yokohama 13 September. Aiding in the reoccupation of China, she carried American marines from Guam to Tsingtao, and Chinese troops from Indochina to Chinwangtao and Taku. She embarked homeward bound troops at Manila and sailed for the west coast, entering San Francisco Bay 17 December 1945. Dade cleared on 11 January 1946 for New York, arriving 29 January.

She was decommissioned there 25 February 1946 and returned to the Maritime Commission the same day.

The USS Dade received one battle star for World War II service

Specifications :
Displacement 8,100 t.(lt) 16,100 t.(fl)             Length 492' 6"     Beam 69' 6"          Speed 18 knots
Complement 51 Officers, 524 Enlisted           Flag Accommodation 43 Officers, 108 Enlisted
Troop Accommodation 80 Officers, 1,146 Enlisted
Armament:            two single 5"/38 dual purpose gun mounts one fore and one aft

two single 40mm Antiaircraft gun mounts

two twin 40mm Antiaircraft gun mounts

eighteen single 20mm Antiaircraft gun mounts