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Photographs from World War II



These photographs were taken by Louis Otto Carro during the time that he served as a sailor in the United States Navy. He trained at Sampson Naval Base (for more information about the base click here).

His first tour was aboard the USS Chilton, and his last tour of duty was aboard the USS Dade originally known as PA 99 and later designated APA 99.

The USS Dade saw military action in the Pacific, and participated in the invasion of Okinawa, photographs of which are shown here.

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at_sampson_large.jpg           docked_large.jpg           crew_large.jpg           USS_Dade_large.jpg

   at Sampson                   at dock                      the crew                     ready to go

at_sea_large.jpg           antiaircraft_guns_large.jpg           5_inch_gun_large.jpg           at_gun_large.jpg

       at sea                    training: 40mm guns          at the 5 inch gun

troops_large.jpg           landing_craft_large.jpg           under_attack_large.jpg           kamikaze_large.jpg

       troops                      landing craft                    under attack                    kamikaze

sunken_ship_large.jpg           on_shore_large.jpg           shipmate_large.jpg           sailors_large.jpg               on_holiday_large.jpg

   sunken ship                   on shore                    shipmate                          sailors                          on holiday