Art by Rowan Chase

The following collection is a sample of the art work done by Rowan Chase who is an artist and the owner of the Fiona Bleu Gallery of Contemporary Art.

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Amber Glow.jpg            Ascension.jpg (65934 bytes)            Aurora.jpg            Birds.jpg            Coral.jpg            Dancing with Lily.jpg

Amber glow                   Ascension                      Aurora                            Birds                             Coral                               Dancing with Lily



Desert Rain.jpg            Duck Duck Goose.jpg            el morro.jpg            Ginger.jpg            Jells.jpg            Last light.jpg

Desert Rain                    Duck Duck Goose         el morro                         Ginger                             Jells                                Last light



Lichen.jpg            Portillo del Sol.jpg (44876 bytes)            Shoreline.jpg            Twist of Lime.jpg            Citrus_sunrise.jpg            Delta.jpg

Lichen                            Portillo del Sol                Shoreline                        Twist of Lime                 Citrus sunrise                  Delta


five_spice.jpg            Hatteras.jpg

Five spice                       Hatteras


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