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This site is dedicated to literary and artistic work produced by members of the Carro Family.


Works by:

Joseph Martin Carro


            Creationism, an essay on the idea of Creationism

            Free Will, an essay on God's knowledge and Free Will

     Major works

           Biblical Contradictions a study of the Bible listing its contradictions, inconsistencies, and oddities.

           Italian grammar a complete text of Italian grammar

           Spanish grammar a complete text of Spanish grammar

     Minor works

           Lu surfararu

           Land use in the United States

           Poem - Once I built a house

Louis John Carro


          There Never was NO Sixties, an essay about the shootings at Kent State University


          atomic heart

          Did Jesus make the cock crow?

          Hondo Lane

          It Is Over

          La Cucina Siciliana

          life's delights

          Three short poems, classignment with prop, Opus #5, Journey

          time enough


Rowan Sidereal Chase

          Art by Rowan Chase


Sharon Brooke Carro

          To visit her website  click here.


Marlene McGraw - Poetry   click here.

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