classassignment with prop

A spoon — McGuffin — snipe to find blind,
Catch and explain.
Teacher didn’t see it.
Teacher doesn’t know what-it-is.
To whom it belonged.
Brought it to me to fix.
Can’t fix anything more.
It’s teacher’s spoon.
Teacher amused, me bemused.
Observations profound — were it so,
The spoon would runaway.
With the dish,
All-in being gawked.
It’s a spoon, leave it be.

Sept 2009

Opus #5

Throw away your life
It may come back to you.
Throw away love —
It is never seen again.
Heartlessness is fatal,
When you cannot feel
Belief withers to brown.
Look to see no one around
Not for you here underground.

Nov 2010                                                                                                                            



A door opens,
Begins a travel with who is known
Since the eagle first soared heaven-ward.
Two hardened hearts, companions
Who could set themselves
Walk to trail’s end
And refuse.

© ljcarro

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