Poetry of Marlene McGraw

November 2012
My shoulders are sore
and my backpack is heavy
My homework is large
and my textbooks are many
I feel like I'll cry
No; scratch that, I'll die
If no one lets me remove any.

June 2013
The warm sun
The blue sky
The freedom from homework to do!
The green grass
At long last!
Summer is here; Woo-hoo!

January 2014
Anxiously awaited, yet nervously feared
Whatever the reaction, schooltime has neared
Grab all your textbooks, your binders and pencils
Blue pens and black pens and writing utensils
Waking up early and catching the bus
Finding your way around; hey, don’t cuss!
But really and truly there’s nothing to fear
Hurry up and get going; schooltime is here

May 2014

There is the sound
of soft lead
drifting across paper.
Flowers and people
bob their heads
with the energy of the sun.
Heavy thoughtfulness
settles over the room
as imagination
quietly unleashes itself.

Sometimes there are many.
Sometimes there are few.
But every time there is peace;
Reprieve, like the eye of the storm of life.
We enter the quiet classroom
And heavy thoughtfulness settles on us all.

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